Your pet is our No.1 priority. 

Your local Vet offering acupuncture therapy, tailored to your pets 

needs in a calm, stress free environment. 

Our Story

Acupuncture sessions established in a home environment and the individual time tailored to your own pets needs.


Working alongside other veterinary professionals at Scottish Vet Referrals in Inverness

Every Thursday and Friday.

What We Do

Acupuncture is considered to be one of the safest forms of medical treatment for animals, and is well tolerated by most animals.

Acupet Vet offers veterinary acupuncture and referral dermatology services at Scottish Vet Referrals in Inverness every Thursday and Friday. 

Opening Hours!

Treatments are booked and based on the individual pets needs. This can be booked Weekdays and occasional Saturdays 


Acupuncture appointments available in Inverness every Thursday at Scottish Vet referrals.

Referral Dermatology appointments available every Friday at Scottish Vet Referrals in Inverness.