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About the Vet

My name is Dominique and am a qualified veterinary surgeon, acupuncture, rehabilitation and certified dermatology practitioner with an interest in supporting patients with pain management, rehabilitation and dermatology concerns. My joy and passion is helping animals great and small and this has been my life's dream and goal from a very young age. 


My passion first started in South Africa where I experienced working with both wild and domestic animals. Soon after I discovered that becoming a vet was my destiny. My journey took me across the world to the beautiful Scottish Highlands where I now own my own business supporting pet owners with help, advice and guidance with many conditions pre and post surgery as well as conservative treatment and management options for dermatology, orthopaedic, neuropathic, and rehabilitation. 


The small animal veterinary work, that I am grateful to be a part of, had sparked a passion in veterinary dermatology which led me to complete a certificate in dermatology. I now offer dermatology consultations and work up many different conditions at Scottish Vet Referrals in Inverness working alongside an amazing and passionate team. 

Using acupuncture to treat multiple conditions has proven to me, through the improvements of my patients, that alternative therapy is a much needed and useful form of therapy and treatment to use alongside other forms of treatments and sometimes even on its own! I have now continued to advance in rehabilitation to help improve the quality of life, comfort and strength of many animals I treat, improving their lives every step of the way. 


About Acupuncture

Conditions treated through acupuncture.

  •  Chronic pain from any origin; spinal or nerve damage/neuropathic pain and musculoskeletal pain.

  •  Behavioural problems (Which are often linked to pain)

  •  Chronic digestive disturbances (IBS like symptoms and non-surgical colic)

  •  Chronic respiratory disease (Such as Asthma, chronic bronchitis)

  •  Fatigue syndromes, chronic eye disease and non-healing wounds

  •  Heart, liver, and urogenital diseases; incontinence 

  • Planned sessions, pre and post-surgical procedures, to help improve and speed up the healing response and relieve pain, tension and discomfort and regain strength, mobility and comfort. 

  • Acupuncture is used alongside animal physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to improve the response to therapies and relieve musculoskeletal pain, tension and discomfort. 

Acupuncture has gained increasing recognition as a useful aide to modern medicine in animals. Defined by the insertion of needles into specific points on the body to produce a natural healing response, the needles are very fine and do not cause any pain or trauma. Each acupuncture point has specific actions when stimulated and each individual may need assessment for a tailored therapy. 

Acupuncture involves stimulating one’s natural repair mechanisms within the body and helps boost a positive healing response in the nervous system, immune system, hormonal system and also the cellular system. Treatment should first follow an accurate diagnosis and appraisal of all treatment options. A detailed history is reviewed, the animal is examined, and treatment is tailored to each individual.  In many cases, acupuncture is best used in conjunction with conventional medicine, and in some conditions, it can be used as a sole treatment. 

It helps minimise the requirements for medications (which may have undesirable side effects), and helps to improve quality of life in patients where medications for treatment of chronic pain are not an option due to disease in the liver or kidneys. Acupuncture is extremely safe when practised correctly and is well accepted by the majority of animals. Under UK law animal acupuncture may only be administered by appropriately qualified veterinary surgeons.

Meet the Vet behind the needles

Your local vet treating pets great and small through acupuncture.

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Dominique Baranska

DVM MRCVS GPCert (Derm) Acupuncture and Rehabilitation practitioner. 

"Throughout my experience I have seen evidence of astonishing health improvements and improved demeanour in my patients, which is why I am so passionate about my work with acupuncture and rehabilitation."

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